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once I experienced floating I knew I had found something that could propel someone quickly and effortlessly into finding the stillness within. something that took me years of spiritual work and meditation to fully appreciate. the problem was at the time it was hours in every direction. it was just to hard. another wonderful tool (like Vipassana) that was not accessible.

i had at this point already dedicated my life to helping others on thier path. like hot yoga i would have to do the work to get it here. this was much more powerful than that. this was the most powerful thing i have ever experienced and i felt i was being called to provide it.

when i brought it up to jenn i expected her to laugh at me but i guess after nearly 2 decades of my random genius :) nothing surprised her anymore. i was surprised that she wasn't not against the idea. then i was shocked when a few weeks later she brought it up and said that we should do it. and to make a long story short, we did.

being a meditation teacher for many years i know that there are experiences that are shared with all people. that being said it isn't appropriate to define or limit someone else's experience. so as a teacher of consciousness expansion our job is to set the groundwork for your own highest experience to emerge. i have so much tell you about the whats and the whys but even better is for you to experience it yourself. we will give you the foundation, the tools to float and meditate. you just have to be willing to try something. this thing will change your life. but strangely you will be more you than you have been. the tank reveals you to you once again. perhaps for the first time in a long time.

schedule today!

to schedule go to purchase and then sessions. here is a shortcut. :)


matt & jenn

ps - please contact us with questions that you have. we suggest first doing a little research on your own. then think about. we can help most when someone is at the point where they are dealing with some struggle with it, or a deep desire to proceed, or well many other things. the last thing we want to do is have to sell this experience. we are not salesman and this is not a product. this is a tool to awaken.


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