intro to floating

developed by researcher and scientist john c. lilly in the 1970's floating is a simple tool to bring the body to profound relaxation. in that state the body and mind goes through a powerful but effortless natural reset that leads to dramtic healing and positive changes in the bodymind.

in a private room you enter the flotation tank/sensory deprivation unit. there you float peacefully atop water that is saturated with mineralized salts, thus experiencing both buoyancy and weightlessness. because there is no sensory stimulation in the chamber, you enter a state that is both extraordinarily quiet and intensely conscious.

the water is heated to the precise degree of skin temperature, there are no nerve transmissions traveling from the skin to the brain. as a result, the relaxation induced is utterly profound.

clients who float report a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being during and for some time after the float.

our state-of-the-art UV light filtration and ozonation system assures a sterile, bacteria-free environment.

sessions can be purchased here. we also sell gift certificates that can be used on any of our services here.


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