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jenn and I are deeply honored and incredibly grateful to have been given a gift of being able to share the many paths of union again with all of you. we have taken this last year and have been surrendering to what has been put in front of us. with each surrender we discovered ourselves more deeply and more completely than we had before.

this time, this center, will be drastically different. we do expect to have classes occasionally (see happenings) but any we have will be more gentle and meditative. I am excited about having group book clubs, discussions and meditating together more often, also lectures on more advanced yogic practices as well as ancient ayurveda and jyotish. jenn is excited about having restorative more often and some other yoga classes some time too. I may even want to do one occasionally as well. but these classes will not be regular as creativity and spirituality come from a different aspect of us, a different mind. we want to share in expansive joy and that can be more powerful when it is honored within larger cycles. cycles of the moon, the seasons, the planets.

we are most excited that the float tank has a home and we can offer this amazing therapy for expanding the mind and healing the body. it is just out of this world and we have made it our mission for others to have easy access to it. we are scheduling sessions now for january.

we look forward to seeing you all again sometime, when it is right, when you have the calling to come. community is foundational to spiritual evolution. it will be great to connect to like minds again.

i heavily recommend having a massage, or a private yoga session with jenn or myself and especially i recommend floating as soon as possible, it will change your life and your health.

yoga is personal. paths to union are specific to that person. there are many paths and was of approaching them.

2016 is going to be an amazing year, loving, healing, expansive and just well fun.

sessions for floating, massage or private yoga can be purchased here. all services can be booked starting now for january.

gift certificates can be purchased here.

if you come across any glitches in the site please let me know, even typos lol. would be most appreciated.


matt and jenn

the calm center


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