western modalities

overview of western modalities

offerings include, but not limited to: relaxation massage (swedish), connective tissue, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, craniosacral, deep tissue

relaxation (swedish) - $60/hour & $90/90 minutes

"traditional" massage including long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction. this session sets up a reaction of positive effects on all systems within the body. improves circulation, immunity, and promotes wellbeing of the nervous system. Relief from everyday personal and environmental stress.

hot stone - $90/90 minutes

heated stones are positioned on the body to release tension and improve circulation. stones are gently moved with light pressure to drive the heat into the body. great for detoxification.

deep tissue - $60/hour & $90/90 minutes

deep tissue massage reaches the deepest layer of muscle and helps to elongate individual muscle fibers. breaking up adhesions and releasing toxins. muscles relax from learned habit patterns to return to a natural state.

craniosacral - $60/hour

craniosacral massage is done with a light hold technique working the body’s soft connective tissue, bones of the head, and the spine to the sacrum/pelvis area. this type of massage balances cerebrospinal fluid and

calms nerves surrounding the spinal cord. very effective on regulating the energy throughout the body and deepen relaxation for natural healing.

prenatal - $60/hour

massage during pregnancy relieves the stresses placed on the body. self-care is very important during this time. massage can reduce swelling, soothe the nervous system and reduce fatigue. can be comforting both for the mother and child.


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