about classes and events (happenings)

we consider our classes to be events. each undertaking is fueled by a creative process honoring ritual, connection, reverence, knowledge, community and above all compassion.

there is no set schedule. the true work of union (yoga) is had through connection to larger cycles then a typical modern scheduled week. cycles such as planetary, elemental, archetypal and especially ayurvedic. most of our lives are largely arbitrary based on time being a function of socio-economic forces. these forces are not able to contain nor define our true natures. primal, subconscious, unconscious and even sexual forces have a greater influence on the meaning of our lives than we realize.

in the desire to share wisdom along with the spirit of divinely creative play we will on a weekly basis send out an email of that week's unique offerings. times and days will vary as will topic and scope. Some weeks there will be more and other weeks less. rsvp by responding to email will be necessary to attend. there will be no drop-ins and space will be limited.

classes will be on topics such as: meditation, yogas, astrology, ayurveda, chakras, healing, grounding, floating and other health improvement and consciousness expansion. anything is possible as nothing is truly mundane. In the context of involution and evolution of the self everything is holy and filled with meaning and purpose. book clubs and group discussions and presentations will also be announced to this weekly email list.

to join the weekly class announcement email list please subscribe to our mailing list here.


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