eastern modalities

overview of eastern modalities

services include, but not limited to: shiatsu, assisted yoga therapy, thai massage and meridian energy work. most often these modalities are done fully clothed in loose garments. stretching and holds are employed to elease deeply and fully. the body is brought into balance through gentle energetic work.

shiatsu/assisted yoga therapy/thai massage - 75 minutes

combines acupressure, passive stretching, and western massage to maintain physical and mental well-being. sessions are customized according to client's needs to balance the 14 meridians of the body. align energy and promote a well functioning relationship between the body's systems.

eastern energy work - 60 minutes

gentler bodywork designed to balance the energetic systems of the body. based on yogic philosophy of the energy centers or chakras. healing stones, crystals and visualization are used. testing of centers is done

both before and after. learn techniques to apply in daily life.


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