ayurvedic massage and treatments

overview of ayurvedic modalities

services include, but not limited to: abhyanga, nasya, shirodhara, and analysis of dosha inbalances. experience is holistically oriented. these treatments are specialized to balance your particular physiology. from the choice of the oils, the pressure, the strokes, the order, the parts of the body treated, everything is to help bring your entire being into balance.

abhyanga - $75/hour ayurvedic massage utilizing dosha specific oils and massage technique. combines perfectly with shirodhara.

nasya oil treatment - $15 specialized oil applied to nose and nostrils. can be added to any to any massage treatment. helps with allergies, sinus issues, stress and weight loss.

shirodhara - $50/30 minutes (combined with other services) the premiere ayurvedic therapy. calms the mind, emotions and elimates negativite impressions from the mind. oil is constantly streamed over the forehead for 20 minutes removing stress, wrinkles and negative and repressed emotions. not a standalone service. typically combined with abhyanga.

dosha specific oil - $10 specialized oil for your particuarly body type and current state of being. can be added to any therapy. already included with abhyanga


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