EVOLVE is now the calm center. we have moved our focus beyond the more active aspect of asana within hatha yoga that is concerned with the body to that of the other limbs and yogas to support the mind and soul.

about the calm center

rajas (EVOLVE & asana) becomes sattva (the calm center & meditative path)

the calm center is our next evolution in supporting others to find thier own path to union. there is enough fitness based health centers. the calm center is different. our outlook is on supporting the systems of the body such as nervous system, digestive system and the ability to transform our consciousness. join us in health and bliss.

jennifer frederici, lmt, ryt

Jennifer frederici is a nys licensed massage therapist who started the calm center in 2011.  she incorporates her knowledge of western and eastern massage modalities to provide every client with personalized session.  having completed an extensive study of anatomy, kinesiology, energy work, and yoga, many modalities can be incorporated to fit a clients needs. Jenn has dedicated her practice to make each experience of massage and bodywork relaxing and therapeutic. her techniques can provide great healing to one's body and mind.


matthew labarre, ryt

matt also know as hansaraj chand (the spiritual name given to him by his teachers) is a a medical intuitive/psychic empath that uses the ancient wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, meditation & jyotish along with modern knowledge and practices ranging from flotation therapy (sensory deprivation), spiritual counseling, vibroacoustic healing (sound healing), hrv, biofeedback, energy work, muscle testing, trance channeling, hair testing, herbs/supplements & more to be of service to those who are ready for the integration of healthy lifestyle and spirituality. to see more about his offerings go here.

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